Milititary Standard Joints               Mil-Spec. MIL-J-6193

Military Standard Joints are a line of joints that are specified in regards to dimensions, strength and other features like plating and boot covers. In order to be a QPL listed government approved manufacturer of these joints, an extensive range of tests has to be performed in authorized labs. Since 2007 Belden Universal is one of the few certified manufacturers of the MS2027x joints.


• Friction (plain) bearing

  (based on High Strength/Leveler style joint)

• Made from high grade alloy steels
• Components plated with Cadmium or Zink
• Tested and certified per MIL-J-6193
• MS20270 – Light Duty line without boots
• MS20271 – Heavy Duty line with boots

  (boots packed with lubricant for extended life)

Military Standard Joints

MS20270 - Light Duty Series

Military Standard Joints                                                               MS20271 - Heavy Duty Series

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