Standard products are not allways suitable of all kind of applications but that doesn't need to be a problem then Belden Universal is a manufacturer, who is specialized in customized joints, drive shafts or complete assemblies suited to the customers application.


We have listed some examples. Contact us and let us look together over the specifications of the joint or drive shaft you need.

Drive shaft with quick release Hub

Special clamp Hub drive shaft

Special drive shaft with bellow couplings

Special joint for Aerospace application

Special needle bearing joint for 3D motion platform

Forged Needle Bearing Joint

Aluminum Needle Bearing Joint

Pump joint, 316L Stainless steel

Stainless Steel Needle Bearing Drive Shaft


Economy Style Needle Bearing Steering Joint with Shaft

Complete Shaft Assembly (Aluminum Shafts & Needle Bearing Joints)

Belden also manufactures customized joints based and derived from the Military Standard for  special requirements

Quick release & installation Version


The quick release function is available for drive shafts with length compensation. There is no necessity to fix the yoke hubs to the shafts. Due to the expansion tension of the build in spring the drive shaft is hold in place safely. To install and deinstall the drive shaft it only needs to be slitly pushed together against the spring force and it can be easily removed and reinserted.

Request form for universal joints

Our request form will help you specify a detailed description of the joint you need.

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