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PTMotion GmbH

Wolframstr 95-96
12105 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 720 14143
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E-Mail: info@ptmotion.de



PTMotion is the European joint venture company from the US based Belden Universal and Ruland Manufacturing specialized in power transmission drive components such as universal joints and drive shafts, zero-backlash couplings and shaft collars. PTMotion is the international contact for customers outside of North America and provides technical support in German, English and Spanish.


PTMotion – Power Transmission in Motion. Our objective is to find the best possible solution for your application. As a young and highly motivated team of engineers we want our customers to be pleased with the solutions offered by us. Products which exceed the demands and expectations, on top a professional and friendly Service. Due to the Know How of our Sales Engineers, PTMotion is always considered a good partner, regardless of the size your company has.


If required, we would be glad to pay you a visit to become a better picture of our particular needs and discuss details of your application. Win - Win. We are interested in long term cooperations with our partners and customers beneficial to both sides.

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